Remsburg and McGill is a Frederick, MD-based law firm offering legal counsel, experience and advice to guide you through the legal system and some of life’s more difficult challenges. We offer a spectrum of legal services but personally handle each case ourselves because each client and each situation is unique. In addition, we offer advice based not only on the law, but on past experience as well. We are confident, honest and realistic with our clients about their particular situation.

Our website is designed with our clients in mind, and we hope to:

  • Introduce you to our practice
  • Equip you with information about your specific legal area of concern
  • Explain to you how we proceed or what you can expect

We hope that in helping you to understand the basics about a particular area of law we can also help you understand how we can best help you manage your situation.  Our counsel includes:

Our Experience
We began our practice in 2003 with law offices located in downtown Frederick, Maryland.  Between Chris, Kelly and our administrative staff we provide counsel to clients in a cross section of legal areas.   We remain a small legal practice serving  Frederick County, Washington County, Carroll County and Montgomery County, Maryland.  We choose to keep the practice small and focused on these geographic locations so we can provide expert guidance and service for our clients in line with the most up to date laws affecting these counties.  Our experience, guidance and advice provide a peace of mind resolution for our clients.

We thank you for visiting our website, and encourage you to contact us for consultation on your legal matters. You can also find us on Facebook.
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Our Commitment
At Remsburg & McGill, we promise to guide you through the legal services you require with honest and personal attention to your case.  We will clearly and simply explain the legal requirements and options for your particular situation, and then,  provide an explanation of your options to help you choose your best course of action.  We can also help offer additional guidance as to how your decision will effect your current and future situation.  We will stay with you through the process offering our support and advice to keep you in charge of your case.

Free Initial Consultation
In most cases we offer a free consultation because many people are unsure how a law firm can help them in their particular situation.  In Family Law matters, we keep the initial consultation fee to only $175.  The initial consultation allows us a brief understanding of your particular challenge and gets us thinking about how we can help you.  Even a brief consultation provides some peace of mind from knowing there is a solution and that you can have good counsel and guidance throughout the entire process.  Regardless of your situation or challenge, contacting us is the first step to facing your concerns head on and resolving the situation.

Contact Us
For the personal attention you need from your lawyer, call us at 301-620-4333, or submit the contact us form on this website.

Evening Appointments Available.

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NOTE: This website and any e-mails associated with it do not create an attorney-client relationship with any individual that visits this website for any reason. Kelly McGill and Christine Remsburg are licensed to practice law in the state of Maryland. They cannot give any legal advice regarding matters outside the state of Maryland.