What is Guardianship?

Guardianship allows an individual(s) to help a minor child or disabled adult with their lives when they cannot help themselves.  It provides the legal responsibility to assist in or to make decisions regarding health, welfare, finances, living situation and other reasonable areas of concern for a minor child or disabled adult.  

How We Can Help
In the case of a disabled adult, guardianship allows families and friends of a disabled or mentally ill adult to establish legal rights in order to provide help.  This may include ensuring medical, educational and social services for the disabled adult and establishing special needs trusts to provide for the future care of a disabled adult.  In these cases, we work with a clear sensitivity to both the disabled adult and their potential guardian to help both sides understand the rights and boundaries guardianship provides.  We establish the documentation and provide understanding to both parties of how guardianship can benefit the disabled adult and help set boundaries for decision making.

In the case of a minor child, guardianship frequently includes working with relatives who want to assume guardianship of a young family member because of concerns about the parent’s ability to manage the safety and care of the child.  There are a variety of health, addiction, financial or social related issues that may interfere with a parent’s ability to take care of their children.  Guardianship provides a way for a relative to assume legal, support and decision making responsibility for the child (allowing for medical, government, educational and other benefits) and access benefits and care for the child without terminating the parents rights. 

Where We Go From Here
Guardianship documents must be filed in the courts.  The process typically takes between 6-18 months to complete depending upon your specific circumstances.  We can help our clients understand the legal process.  We will help you collect and prepare documentation necessary to establish guardianship rights.  Based on your specific situation, we can advise what boundaries guardianship will establish for all concerned and how those rights are legally viewed by government, educational, health and other support agencies with respect to guardian access to benefits on behalf of a minor child or disabled adult.

What You Can Expect
At Remsburg & McGill, we understand each Guardianship case is unique and has special concerns.  We offer personal advice and guidance through the process of establishing guardianship and will help you understand what your options are with respect to the future (i.e., parent is unable to take care of child due to current health reasons—but then regains health).  We offer confidential and honest counsel to our clients and offer our best guidance for their particular situation.

Initial Consultation $175
Life presents unique challenges that may force the need for a guardian.  With our initial consultation, we can help you understand your options with respect to establishing guardianship or regaining guardianship of a child or loved one.  Contact us for guidance for your particular circumstance.

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